State Department of Agriculture

ORS 561.240
Contracts and agreements with other agencies, governmental units and other persons

  • payment and receipt of funds


The State Department of Agriculture may:


Enter into contracts and other agreements with, and receive funds from, any department or agency of the United States.


Enter into contracts and other agreements with authorized departments and agencies of this state and other states, units of local government, Indian tribes, public and private corporations and other persons of this state, in connection with the administration of laws of this state, including but not limited to laws relating to the inspection, production, processing, marketing, testing and distribution of agricultural products and to the control or eradication of plant and animal diseases and pests.


Enter into contracts with foreign governments or foreign government agencies, and contracts and other agreements with growers, handlers or other persons located outside of the United States, for the department or the foreign government, agency or person to provide services pertaining to agricultural and horticultural products or to production processes for agricultural or horticultural products, including but not limited to the inspection, production process verification, marketing, testing and distribution of agricultural or horticultural products.


Receive grants from any source and may issue grants to a department or agency of this state or other states, any department or agency of the United States, a unit of local government, an Indian tribe, a public or private corporation or another person for any purpose related to the laws administered or enforced by the department.


Exchange information and services with any public or private body or person described in this subsection, in order to minimize duplication of public services, investigations, inspections and audits.


Receive compensation, and make payment, for services rendered in performance of contracts and other agreements authorized by this subsection.


In the performance of services required by any contract or other agreement authorized by subsection (1) of this section, public agencies that are parties to the contract or agreement shall have the authority and powers of the department.


Funds received by the department as provided in subsection (1) of this section shall be deposited with the State Treasurer. Such funds are continuously appropriated to the department for the use of the department in carrying out the purposes of the respective agreements, contracts, state laws and Acts of Congress in relation to which the money is received. [1957 c.478 §2; 1963 c.251 §1; 1967 c.437 §1; 1967 c.637 §§10,10a; 1993 c.21 §1; 1995 c.79 §309; 2007 c.422 §1; 2009 c.187 §1]


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