State Department of Agriculture

ORS 561.610
Request for hearing

  • when held


A request of the State Department of Agriculture for a hearing on the propriety of the detention, seizure or embargo and related matters must be filed with the department in writing within 10 days of receiving actual notice of such action. The request may be filed either by the owner or the person in possession but the time limited for filing such request is to be computed from the time the required notice is first received by either of such persons. When the department receives a request for a hearing, it shall designate the time and place of hearing.


The hearing shall not be held sooner than 10 days after the request for a hearing has been received by the department. However, if the subject matter of the department’s action is perishable goods, or if, in the opinion of the department, other good and sufficient reason appears, the hearing may, at the request of the owner or person in possession of such goods, be held at an earlier date. [Formerly part of 616.095]


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