State Department of Agriculture

ORS 561.625
When hearing not required

Nothing in ORS 561.605 (Detention, seizure or embargo of agricultural products) to 561.630 (Removing or defacing seizure or embargo notice unlawful), 616.225 (Disposal of adulterated, misbranded, unsound or unsafe food or consumer commodity), 632.485 (Enforcement) and 633.670 (Inspection and sampling of seeds) shall be construed as requiring that a hearing be held in connection with the seizure or embargoing of illegal or suspected products or as prohibiting the release, destruction or other disposition of such products by agreement between the State Department of Agriculture and the owner or person in possession of such products. [Subsection (1) of 1965 Replacement Part formerly 616.100; subsection (2) of 1965 Replacement Part formerly part of 616.095; 1967 c.437 §2]


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