State Department of Agriculture

ORS 561.403
Extended stream bank erosion plans

  • division to assist in developing plans
  • requirements


Upon the request of any soil and water conservation district, flood control district or municipality, the Natural Resources Division of the State Department of Agriculture shall cooperate with the requester to develop an extended stream bank erosion plan.


An extended stream bank erosion plan shall provide for the best methods of erosion control for an extended section of stream that affects all the parties that have requested the division’s assistance in developing the plan.


In developing an extended stream bank erosion plan, the division shall cooperate extensively with all persons or entities interested in or affected by the erosion of the stream bank, including but not limited to landowners, persons who occupy the land adjacent to the stream, flood control districts, soil and water conservation districts, municipalities and other local government units. [1985 c.667 §2]


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