Plant Pest Control

ORS 570.045
Assistance of employees of common carriers in locating horticultural articles

  • refusal or neglect is misdemeanor

All clerks, bookkeepers, express agents, railroad officials, employees, or employees of common carriers shall render to the State Department of Agriculture and its inspectors all assistance in their power in tracing, finding or discovering the presence of any article named in the horticultural laws. Any refusal or neglect on the part of said persons to render such friendly aid to assist in the carrying out of ORS 564.020 (Wildflower protection), 570.010 (County horticultural inspectors) to 570.050 (Cooperation of peace officers in enforcing quarantines), 570.125 (Inspector of outgoing shipments), 570.320 (Horticultural inspectors to prevent introduction of diseased matter into state), 570.335 (Prunings and cuttings to be burned) to 570.360 (Department to present evidence of violations) is a misdemeanor.


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May 30, 2023