Plant Pest Control

ORS 570.170
Department to make inspections

  • infected or infested matter declared public nuisance

The State Department of Agriculture, whenever the department deems necessary, shall cause an inspection to be made of any orchards, nurseries, trees, plants, vegetables, vines or field crops or any fruit packing house, storeroom, salesroom or any other place or thing within this state. Any places, orchards, nurseries, trees, plants, shrubs, vegetables, vines, fruit, field crops or articles found infested or infected with any insects or other plant pests injurious to fruits, plants, trees, vegetables, vines, grain or other field crops, or with seeds, eggs, larvae or pupae of injurious insects or other plant pests liable to spread to other places or localities, or of such a nature as to be a public danger, are declared to be a public nuisance. The department shall give the record owner or owners written notice that the articles, things or places are infested or infected. [Amended by 2015 c.203 §12]


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