Plant Pest Control

ORS 570.705
Legislative findings

  • timber product inspection
  • assessment of costs


The Legislative Assembly finds that imported, untreated timber products increase the hazards of introducing and spreading injurious plant pests and diseases in this state and that the State Department of Agriculture is directed to establish and implement an inspection and control program to safeguard the health of trees and plants in this state.


In carrying out the duties, functions and powers of the department to prevent the introduction and spread of and to control injurious plant pests and diseases, with regard to imported, untreated timber products, the department may:


Inspect such timber products at any facility that receives, handles, transports or processes such products.


Conduct testing and detection activities aimed at plant pests and diseases that may be associated with receiving, handling, transporting or processing such products.


Inspect import permits and bills of lading relating to such products.


Establish regulations controlling the handling, transportation and processing of such products.


Assess and collect from receivers, handlers, transporters and processors of such products fees to recover for the department the cost of conducting the program referred to in this section. [1995 c.450 §3; 2009 c.98 §22]


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May 30, 2023