Plant Pest Control

ORS 570.810
Invasive Species Control Account

  • control effort funding
  • reimbursement of administrative expenses


As used in this section, “invasive species” has the meaning given that term in ORS 570.755 (Definition of invasive species).


The Invasive Species Control Account is established in the State Treasury, separate and distinct from the General Fund. Interest earned by the Invasive Species Control Account shall be credited to the account. Moneys in the account are continuously appropriated to the Invasive Species Council for the purpose of carrying out this section.


The Invasive Species Council may expend moneys from the account to provide funding for efforts by agencies, organizations and individuals to eradicate or control new infestations and infections of invasive species. The council shall adopt criteria and procedures for the funding of efforts to eradicate or control new infestations and infections of invasive species.


Invasive species eradication and control effort costs that may be funded from the account include, but are not limited to, costs associated with:


Surveys to delimit areas infested or infected by invasive species;




Enforcement actions;


Diagnosis of infestation and infection problems;


Rapid response planning and coordination;




Eradication or control of infestations and infections;


Treatment and disposal of infested or infected materials;


Cleaning and disinfecting of infested or infected premises or vessels; and


Payment of indemnity to owners of infested or infected materials destroyed under an eradication or control program.


In addition to any costs described under subsection (4) of this section, if the State Department of Agriculture pays an administrative expense of the council related to the provision of funding from the account, account moneys may be expended to reimburse that administrative expense in an amount equal to the lesser of the actual expense paid by the department or 10 percent of the funding that was provided from the account. [2009 c.825 §2]


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