Plant Pest Control

ORS 570.115
Quarantine establishment

  • revocation


If upon report of any officer, employee or deputy of the State Department of Agriculture, the Director of Agriculture is of the opinion that any locality, district, orchard or place is infested with fruit pests or infected with disease injurious to trees, plants or fruits, and liable to spread to other orchards or localities to their damage or injury so as to be a public danger, the director shall, by an order entered in the records of the department, declare such place to be under quarantine. The director shall give notice thereof by posting a notice in writing in a conspicuous place upon the premises, specifying with convenient certainty what place or premises are under quarantine regulations and by delivering a copy of such notice to the owner or person in charge of the premises, if the owner or person in charge may be found thereon. Such place thereafter shall be subject to quarantine regulations of the department.


As soon as, in the opinion of the director the danger from such quarantine locality has ceased, the director may revoke the quarantine.


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