Plant Pest Control

ORS 570.145
Procedure when shipment articles can be separated


If, in the judgment of the inspector, materials not infested or infected can be separated from the infested or infected article without danger of the insects or other plant pests or the eggs, larvae or pupae of insects or other plant pests escaping from the article, and the owner or the person having control or possession of the articles desires to separate as instructed, the officer making the inspection shall give permission in writing to make the separation:


Within a specified time;


At the expense of the owner or responsible party who authorized the separation; and


Under the supervision of an official or of a person authorized by the inspector to exercise supervision.


If the official who makes the inspection has other official work awaiting and it appears that the time required for separating and destroying the articles may exceed one hour, the official may authorize and deputize an appropriate person to supervise the separation of the infested or infected articles from the uninfested or uninfected articles and the destruction of the infested and infected articles. The person so authorized shall be paid by the owner or the party who authorized the separation, or by both, for services while supervising the separation and destruction of the articles. [Amended by 2015 c.203 §10]


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