ORS 59.095
Approval of plan to issue securities in exchange for other securities, claims or property


The proponents of a plan pursuant to which a security is to be issued in exchange for one or more bona fide outstanding securities, claims or property interests, or partly in such exchange and partly for cash, except a security the issuance of which is under supervision, regulation or control by the Public Utility Commission of this state, may request approval of such plan by the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services.


The request for approval shall be made by filing a registration statement, as provided in ORS 59.065 (Registration procedures), with a detailed statement of the plan. The director shall set the plan down for hearing and require the proponents of the plan to give notice of the hearing to all persons to whom securities are to be issued in such exchange. All such persons shall have the right to appear at the hearing.


The director shall, after the hearing, consider the fairness of the terms and conditions of the plan, and, if the director finds that the plan is fair, just and equitable and free from fraud, shall approve it, subject to such conditions, limitations and restrictions as the director may impose. If the director finds that the plan is unfair, unjust or inequitable or not free from fraud, the director shall deny the request, and give notice of the denial, at the expense of the proponents, to all persons who were entitled to receive or received notice of the hearing. [1967 c.537 §11]

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