ORS 59.800
Pledge or sale by broker-dealer of customer’s securities

No broker-dealer engaged in the business of purchasing and selling stocks or bonds as a broker-dealer shall:


While having in the possession of the broker-dealer, for safekeeping or otherwise, stocks or bonds belonging to a customer, without having any lien thereon or any special property therein, pledge or dispose thereof without the customer’s consent; or


While having in the possession of the broker-dealer stocks or bonds belonging to a customer on which the broker-dealer has a lien for indebtedness due to the broker-dealer by the customer, pledge the same for more than the amount due to the broker-dealer thereon, or otherwise dispose thereof for the broker-dealer’s own benefit, with or without the customer’s consent, and without having in possession of the broker-dealer or subject to control of the broker-dealer, stocks or bonds of the kind and amount to which the customer is then entitled, for delivery to the customer upon demand of the customer therefor and tender of the amount due thereon, and thereby cause the customer to lose, in whole or in part, such stocks or bonds, or the value thereof; or


Fail, on demand, to deliver to any customer, stocks or bonds owned by the customer, and in the possession of such broker-dealer, upon payment or tender of the amount the same was pledged to secure. [Amended by 1987 c.158 §13]

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