Securities Regulation

ORS 59.710
Definitions for ORS 59.710 to 59.830

As used in ORS 59.710 (Definitions for ORS 59.710 to 59.830) to 59.830 (Self-incrimination by witness), unless the context indicates otherwise:


“Security,” “securities” or “securities or commodities,” mean and include all evidences of debt or property and options for their purchase, shares in any corporation or association, bonds, coupons, scrip, rights, choses in action, and other evidences of debt or property, and options for their purchase, or anything movable that is bought and sold.


“Broker” means and includes every person who in this state engages, either for all or part of the person’s time, in the business of selling any securities or commodities, or purchasing, or otherwise acquiring securities or commodities from another for the purpose of reselling them or offering them for sale to the public; or in the business of offering, buying or selling, or otherwise dealing or trading in securities or commodities, as agent or principal, for commission or at a profit; and every person who deals in futures or differences in market quotations of prices or values of any securities or commodities, or accepts margins on purchases or sales, or pretended purchases or sales of securities or commodities.


“Bucket shop” means any building, or any room, apartment, booth, office or store therein, or any other place where any contract prohibited by ORS 59.710 (Definitions for ORS 59.710 to 59.830) to 59.830 (Self-incrimination by witness) is made or offered to be made more than once and in the course of continuing or repeated transactions.


“Bonds” includes the bonds or other evidences of debt of a corporation, company or association.
Chapter 59

Notes of Decisions

Public policy does not prohibit nonculpable corporate directors held liable under this chapter from seeking indemnification from persons actually responsible for the wrongful issuance of unregistered securities. Collins v. Fitzwater, 277 Or 401, 560 P2d 1074 (1977)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Additional real estate license not required where security sold is interest in limited partnership to invest in real estate, (1978) Vol 38, p 1971


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