ORS 759.050
Competitive zone service regulation


As used in this section:


“Competitive zone” means a telecommunications service area within all or part of a local exchange, described both by service and territory, that has been designated a competitive zone by the Public Utility Commission under subsection (2) or (4) of this section.


“Competitive zone service” means a local exchange telecommunications service that the commission has authorized to be provided within a competitive zone.


“Essential function” means a functional component of a competitive zone service necessary to the provision of the service by a telecommunications provider for which there is no adequate alternative in terms of quality, quantity and price to the incumbent telecommunications utility.


“Telecommunications utility” and “competitive provider” mean those entities that are classified as such by the commission under ORS 759.020 (Certificate of authority). “Telecommunications provider” includes both telecommunications utilities and competitive providers.


(a) Notwithstanding the provisions of ORS 759.020 (Certificate of authority) (3), the commission may certify one or more persons, including another telecommunications utility, to provide local exchange telecommunications service within the local exchange telecommunications service area of a certificated telecommunications utility if the commission determines that the authorization would be in the public interest. For the purpose of determining whether the authorization would be in the public interest, the commission shall consider:


The effect on rates for local exchange telecommunications service customers both within and outside the competitive zone.


The effect on competition in the local exchange telecommunications service area.


The effect on access by customers to high quality, innovative telecommunications service in the local exchange telecommunications service area.


Any other facts the commission considers relevant.


Upon certification of a telecommunications provider under paragraph (a) of this subsection, the commission shall establish a competitive zone defined by the services to be provided by the telecommunications provider and the geographic area to be served by the telecommunications provider. Price and service competition within the meaning of ORS 759.052 (Commission authority to exempt telecommunications services from regulation) may not be deemed to exist by virtue of the establishment of a competitive zone.


At the time of certification of a telecommunications provider, or thereafter, the commission may impose reasonable conditions upon the authority of the telecommunications provider to provide competitive zone service within the competitive zone. Reasonable conditions include, but are not limited to, conditions:


Designed to promote fair competition, such as interconnection; and


Requiring contributions of the type required of a telecommunications utility on account of the provision of local exchange service, including those to the Residential Service Protection Fund or the Telecommunication Devices Access Program.


Upon demand, a competitive provider of competitive zone services shall make available to the commission any information relating to competitive zone services that the commission requests. Information provided to the commission by a competitive provider under this subsection shall be confidential and may not be disclosed by the commission, except for regulatory purposes in the context of a proceeding before the commission.


Upon application by a telecommunications utility and a showing of competition within its local exchange, whether or not from certificated providers, the commission may designate all or part of the local exchange a competitive zone.


(a) Except with respect to telecommunications utilities that are exempt from the provisions of ORS 759.180 (Hearing on reasonableness of rates) to 759.190 (Notice of schedule change), unless the commission determines that it is not in the public interest at the time a competitive zone is created, upon designation of a competitive zone, price changes, service variations and modifications of competitive zone services offered by a telecommunications utility in the zone are not subject to ORS 759.180 (Hearing on reasonableness of rates) to 759.190 (Notice of schedule change) and, at the telecommunication utility’s discretion, may be made effective upon filing with the commission.


The price and terms of service offered by a telecommunications utility for a competitive zone service within a competitive zone may differ from that outside of the zone. However, the price for a competitive zone service within the zone may not be lower than the total service long run incremental cost, for nonessential functions, of providing the service within the zone and the charges for essential functions used in providing the service, but the commission may establish rates for residential local exchange telecommunications service at any level necessary to achieve the commission’s universal service objectives. Within the zone, the price of a competitive zone service, or any essential function used in providing the competitive zone service, may not be higher than those prices in effect when the competitive zone was established, unless authorized by the commission.


The commission may revoke the exemption of a telecommunications utility from ORS 759.180 (Hearing on reasonableness of rates) to 759.190 (Notice of schedule change) if the commission finds that the utility has violated statutes, rules or conditions of the commission applicable to competitive zone services or that there has been a substantial change in the circumstances that prevailed at the time the competitive zone was first established.


On the motion of a telecommunications provider or on its own motion, the commission may order a telecommunications utility to disaggregate and offer essential functions of the telecommunications utility’s local exchange network.


A decision of the commission, with respect to the terms and conditions under which competitive zone services may be offered within a competitive zone by a telecommunications utility, to authorize a competitor to provide service within the local exchange service area of a telecommunications utility or to otherwise designate a competitive zone shall be subject to judicial review, but may not be stayed other than by order of the commission, except upon a showing by clear and convincing evidence that failure to stay the decision will result in irreparable harm to the aggrieved party.


The exclusive remedy of a telecommunications provider aggrieved by the prices, terms of service or practices of another provider with respect to competitive zone services within a competitive zone is to file a complaint with the commission under ORS 756.500 (Complaint). The commission, either upon complaint or its own motion, may permanently suspend a filing made by a provider with respect to a competitive zone service or take such other action as the commission deems appropriate, except an award for damages. A claim for damages arising from a commission decision in favor of the provider on a matter alleged in the complaint shall be brought as a separate action at law.


Nothing in this section shall serve to shield any telecommunications provider of local exchange telecommunications service from state or federal antitrust laws.


The commission shall report annually to the Legislative Assembly:


The number of competitive zones created under ORS 759.020 (Certificate of authority) and 759.050 (Competitive zone service regulation);


The number of competitive providers authorized under ORS 759.020 (Certificate of authority) and 759.050 (Competitive zone service regulation);


The number and types of competitive services made available to consumers; and


Consumer comments on competitive telecommunications services. [1993 c.423 §3; 2005 c.232 §13]

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