Telecommunications Utility Regulation

ORS 759.697
Program coordinator

  • program administration


The Public Utility Commission shall employ a coordinator for the Telecommunication Devices Access Program, who shall be primarily responsible for:


The distribution and maintenance of assistive telecommunication devices and adaptive equipment;


The provision of telecommunications relay services and monitoring of those service providers;


The provision of communication facilitator services; and


Community outreach to locate potential beneficiaries of the Telecommunication Devices Access Program.


The commission may contract with any governmental agency, or other entity the commission considers to be qualified, to assist the commission in the provision of communication facilitator services or the administration of ORS 759.693 (Definitions) to 759.698 (Eligibility). [1987 c.290 §13; 1991 c.872 §6; 1999 c.384 §4; 2019 c.113 §4]


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