ORS 759.660
Fixing charges or rates; criteria; costs of hearing


Whenever the Public Utility Commission of Oregon finds, after hearing had upon complaint by a licensee or people’s utility district or a telecommunications utility that the rates, terms or conditions demanded, exacted, charged or collected in connection with attachments or availability of surplus space for such attachments are unjust or unreasonable, or that such rates or charges are insufficient to yield a reasonable compensation for the attachment and the costs of administering the same, the commission shall determine the just and reasonable rates, terms and conditions thereafter to be observed and in force and shall fix the same by order. In determining and fixing such rates, terms and conditions, the commission shall consider the interest of the customers of the licensee, as well as the interest of the customers of the telecommunications utility or people’s utility district which owns the facility upon which the attachment is made.


When the order applies to a people’s utility district, the order also shall provide for payment by the parties of the cost of the hearing. The payment shall be made in a manner which the commission considers equitable. [1987 c.414 §166d; 1987 c.447 §24; 1989 c.5 §19]

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