Telecommunications Utility Regulation

ORS 759.180
Hearing on reasonableness of rates

  • procedures
  • exceptions

(1)(a) Except as provided in ORS 759.195 (Price listing of services) and 759.410 (Intent of ORS 759) and ORS 759.052 (Commission authority to exempt telecommunications services from regulation), 759.054 (Price listing for product or service offered as part of local exchange telecommunications services) or 759.056 (Price listing for product or service offered as part of interexchange telecommunications services), whenever any telecommunications utility files with the Public Utility Commission any rate or schedule of rates stating or establishing a new rate or schedule of rates or increasing an existing rate or schedule of rates, the commission may, either upon written complaint or upon the commission’s own initiative, after reasonable notice, conduct a hearing to determine the propriety and reasonableness of the rate or schedule. The commission shall conduct the hearing upon written complaint filed by the telecommunications utility, its customer or customers, or any other proper party within 60 days of the telecommunications utility’s filing. A hearing need not be held if the particular rate change is the result of an automatic adjustment clause. At the hearing the telecommunications utility shall bear the burden of showing that the rate or schedule of rates proposed to be established or increased or changed is just and reasonable.


As used in this subsection, “automatic adjustment clause” means a provision of a rate schedule, authorized pursuant to ORS 759.195 (Price listing of services) (6), that provides for rate increases, decreases or both, without prior hearing, reflecting increases, decreases or both in costs incurred by a telecommunications utility and that is subject to review by the commission at least once every two years.


The commission and staff may consult at any time with, and provide technical assistance to, telecommunications utilities, their customers, and other interested parties on matters relevant to utility rates and charges. If a hearing is held with respect to a rate change, the decisions of the commission shall be based on the record made at the hearing. [1987 c.447 §13; 1989 c.5 §16; 2005 c.232 §16]


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