Subdivisions and Partitions

ORS 92.460
Blanket encumbrance permitted only in certain circumstances


Subject to the provisions of ORS 92.425 (Conditions prerequisite to sale), no lot, parcel or other interest in a subdivision or series partition shall be sold by a subdivider, series partitioner or developer subject to a blanket encumbrance unless there exists in the blanket encumbrance or other supplementary agreement a provision which by its terms shall unconditionally provide that the purchaser or lessee of a lot, parcel or other interest can obtain legal title or other interest bargained for, free and clear of the blanket encumbrance, upon compliance with the terms and conditions of the purchase or lease.


In lieu of the requirement of subsection (1) of this section, the subdivider, series partitioner or developer shall conform to any alternative requirement or method which the Real Estate Commissioner deems acceptable to carry into effect the intent and provisions of this section. [1977 c.809 §12; 1983 c.570 §24]


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