OAR 166-150-0010


Activity Reports, Airport: Records documenting various indicators of activity associ-ated with the agency airport. Subjects may include arrivals and departures, type of aircraft served, number of passengers, amount of cargo, amount of fuel use, activities of related operations such as restaurants, gift shops, and car rental outlets, as well as others. (Minimum retention: (a) Annual reports: Permanent (b) Other reports: 2 years)


Airport Certification Records: Records documenting certifications, licenses, or permits from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or other federal or state agencies. Includes any documentation bearing directly on the application for issuance or renewal. Federal Aviation Administration related records include agency prepared airport certification manuals for airports servicing aircraft with seating capacities of more than 30 passengers, as well as airport certification specifications for “limited” airports. Manuals include procedures for the maintenance of paved and unpaved areas, lighting systems, and traffic and wind direction indicators. They also include procedures for self-inspection, rescue and fire fighting, and the control of hazardous substances and ground vehicles, as well as plans for snow and ice control, emergencies, wildlife hazard management, and others. (Minimum retention: (a) Certification manuals or specifications: Permanent (b) Other records: 2 years after expiration)


Airport Security Program Records: Records documenting the agency airport’s objectives, methods, and procedures designed to prevent or reduce illegal activities or interference with civil aviation. Program contents include a description of the airport, master security plan, planned improvements, procedures in case of hijackings or bomb threats, security gate information, airport statistics, and related subjects. (Minimum retention: (a) Program records described in 14 CFR 107.3: Permanent (b) Other records: 2 years after superseded or obsolete)


Airport Self-Inspection Reports: Reports and related records documenting Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) mandated inspections by airport staff to assure safe conditions. These generally are performed daily or more frequently if unusual conditions caused by construction, weather, or any accident or incident are present. Inspections include runway, ramp, and taxiway conditions, fire and reserve facilities, bird hazards, wind indicating devices, standby power system, and lighting. (Minimum retention: (a) Reports documenting incidents: 2 years (b) Other reports: 6 months)


Civil Aviation Register: Series documents civil airplane registrations as listed by the Federal Aviation Administration. The register is updated on a monthly basis and is used for reference. Information includes description of aircraft including make, model, size, and weight. Also includes name and address of registrant. (Minimum retention: Until superseded or obsolete)


Complaint Records, Airport: Records documenting complaints or requests related to noise or other aspects of airport operations. Information often includes name, phone number, and address of person making complaint, name of person receiving and/or responding to complaint, description of complaint, resolution (if any), and other data. (Minimum retention: 2 years after last action)


Law Enforcement Action Records: Records documenting various types of security actions taken by the airport as described in 14 CFR 107.23(b). Examples include documents showing the number and type of firearms, explosives, and incendiaries discovered during any passenger screening process, and the method of detection of each; the number of acts and attempted acts of piracy; the number of bomb threats received, real and simulated bombs found, and actual bombings on the airport; as well as the number of detentions and arrests, and the immediate disposition of each person detained or arrested. (Minimum retention: 2 years)


Maps, Aviation: Series provides visual cartographic documentation that aids in airport functioning. Used for reference in the planning process. Contains maps, plats, charts, field notes, terrain sketches, and related records. Types of maps include topological maps of roads, ditches, fences, and subterranean pipes and tanks. Also includes zoning and noise contour maps. (Minimum retention: Until superseded or obsolete)


Navigational Facilities Maintenance and Operation Reports: Records documenting the maintenance and operation of various types of airport navigational equipment. Examples include nondirectional radio beacon facilities, instrument landing system facilities, simplified directional facility, distance measuring equipment, VHF marker beacons, interim standard microwave landing system, microwave landing system, and others. Includes meter readings and adjustment records, facility maintenance logs, radio equipment operation records, technical performance records, and other documents. See applicable record series in the Public Works, Operations and Maintenance section for records not related to navigational facilities. (Minimum retention: 2 years after equipment permanently removed from service)


Noise Compatibility Program Records: Records documenting agency development of a noise compatibility program to moderate the impact of noise in areas surrounding the airport. Includes studies, reports, noise exposure and other maps, hearing records, public statements, and related documents. Program information includes a description and analysis of alternate measures, program measures to reduce or eliminate noncompatible land uses, a description of public participation, actual and anticipated effect of the program, and other summaries and descriptions. (Minimum retention: (a) Program records described in 14 CFR 150.23(e): Permanent (b) Other records: 5 years after program approved)


Notice To Airmen (NOTAM) Reports: Reports the notification of air carriers as to changes in airport conditions. Subjects include construction, maintenance, surface irregularities, snow, ice, water, light malfunctions, unresolved wildlife hazards, and others. Includes Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) forms. Information includes date and time of issue, message from airport manager, and distribution data. (Minimum retention: 1 year after notice expired)
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