Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-105-0500
Equipment Control: Labeling, Storage, and Transportation


The licensee may not use a source changer or a container to store radioactive material unless the source changer or the storage container has securely attached to it a durable, legible, and clearly visible label bearing the standard trefoil radiation caution symbol conventional colors, i.e., magenta, purple or black on a yellow background, having a minimum diameter of 25 mm, and the wording:


The licensee may not transport radioactive material unless the material is packaged, and the package is labeled, marked, and accompanied with appropriate shipping papers in accordance with rules set out in division 118.


Radiographic exposure devices, source changers, storage containers, and radiation machines, must be physically secured to prevent tampering or removal by unauthorized personnel. The licensee must store radioactive material in a manner that will minimize danger from explosion or fire.


The licensee must lock and physically secure the transport package containing radioactive material in the transporting vehicle to prevent accidental loss, tampering, or unauthorized removal.


The licensee’s name and city or town where the main business office is located must be prominently displayed with a durable, clearly visible label(s) on both sides of all vehicles used to transport radioactive material or radiation machines for temporary job site use.

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Jun. 8, 2021