Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-105-0730
Recordkeeping Requirements: Location Of Documents and Records


Each licensee must maintain copies of records required by this division and other applicable divisions of these rules at the location specified in 333-105-0410(11).


Each licensee must also maintain current copies of the following documents and records sufficient to demonstrate compliance at each applicable field station and each temporary job site:


The license or registration authorizing the use of sources of radiation;


A copy of divisions 100, 120, 105 & 111 of this chapter;


Utilization logs for each source of radiation dispatched from that location as required by 333-105-0650 (Recordkeeping Requirements: Utilization Logs).


Records of equipment problems identified in daily checks of equipment as required by 333-105-0660 (Recordkeeping Requirements: Records of Inspection and Maintenance of Radiation Machines, Radiographic Exposure Devices, Transport and Storage Containers, Associated Equipment, Source Changers, and Survey Instruments)(1);


Records of alarm system and entrance control checks required by 333-105-0670 (Recordkeeping Requirements: Records of Alarm System and Entrance Control Checks at Permanent Radiographic Installations), if applicable;


Records of dosimeter readings as required by 333-105-0700 (Recordkeeping Requirements: Records of Personnel Monitoring);


Operating and emergency procedures as required by 333-105-0690 (Recordkeeping Requirements: Copies of Operating and Emergency Procedures);


Evidence of the latest calibration of the radiation survey instruments in use at the site, as required by 333-105-0620 (Records of Radiation Survey Instruments);


Evidence of the latest calibrations of alarming ratemeters and operability checks of dosimeters as required by 333-105-0700 (Recordkeeping Requirements: Records of Personnel Monitoring);


Survey records as required by 333-105-0710 (Recordkeeping Requirements: Records of Radiation Surveys) and 333-120-0620 (Records of Surveys and Leak Tests) as applicable, for the period of operation at the site;


The shipping papers for the transportation of radioactive materials required by division 118 of these rules; and


When operating under reciprocity pursuant to OAR 333-102-0340 (Special Requirement for a Specific License to Manufacture, Assemble, Repair or Distribute Commodities, Products or Devices Which Contain Radioactive Material: Reciprocal Recognition of Licenses), a copy of the applicable State license or registration, or Nuclear Regulatory Commission license authorizing the use of sources of radiation.

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