Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-105-0520
Radiation Safety Requirements: Radiation Safety Officer

The radiation safety officer must ensure that radiation safety activities are being performed in accordance with approved procedures and regulatory requirements in the daily operation of the licensee’s program.


The minimum qualifications, training, and experience for radiation safety officers for industrial radiography are as follows:


Completion of the training and testing requirements of 333-105-0530 (Radiation Safety Requirements: Training)(1);


2000 hours of hands-on experience as a qualified radiographer in industrial radiographic operations; and


Formal training in the establishment and maintenance of a radiation protection program.


The Authority will consider alternatives when the radiation safety officer has appropriate training and experience in the field of ionizing radiation, and in addition, has adequate formal training with respect to the establishment and maintenance of a radiation safety protection program.


The specific duties and authorities of the radiation safety officer include:


Establishing and overseeing all operating, emergency, and ALARA procedures as required by division 120 of these rules and reviewing them regularly to ensure that they conform to Authority rules and to the license or registration conditions;


Overseeing and approving the training program for radiographic personnel to ensure that appropriate and effective radiation protection practices are taught;


Ensuring that required radiation surveys and leak tests are performed and documented in accordance with the rules, including any corrective measures when levels of radiation exceed established limits;


Ensuring that personnel monitoring devices are calibrated, if applicable, and used properly; that records are kept of the monitoring results; and that timely notifications are made as required by division 120 of these rules; and


Ensuring that operations are conducted safely and for implementing corrective actions including terminating operations.


Licensees will have two years from the effective date of this rule to meet the requirements of section (1) and (2) of this rule.

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