Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-105-0570
Radiation Safety Requirements: Radiation Surveys

The licensee must:


Conduct all surveys with a calibrated and operable radiation survey instrument that meets the requirements of 333-105-0450 (Equipment Control: Radiation Survey Instruments);


Conduct a survey of the radiographic exposure device and the guide tube after each exposure when approaching the device or the guide tube. The survey must determine that the sealed source has returned to its shielded position before exchanging films, repositioning the exposure head, or dismantling equipment. Radiation machines must be surveyed after each exposure to determine that the machine is off;


Conduct a survey of the radiographic exposure device whenever the source is exchanged and whenever a radiographic exposure device is placed in a storage area as defined in 333-105-0005 (Definitions), to ensure that the sealed source is in its shielded position; and


Maintain records in accordance with 333-105-0710 (Recordkeeping Requirements: Records of Radiation Surveys).

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Jun. 8, 2021