Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-105-0510
Radiation Safety Requirements: Conducting Industrial Radiographic Operations


Whenever radiography is performed at a location other than a permanent radiographic installation, the radiographer must be accompanied by at least one other qualified radiographer or an individual who has at a minimum met the requirements of 333-105-0530 (Radiation Safety Requirements: Training)(3). The additional qualified individual must observe the operations and be capable of providing immediate assistance to prevent unauthorized entry. Radiography may not be performed if only one qualified individual is present.


All radiographic operations must be conducted in a permanent radiographic installation unless otherwise specifically authorized by the Authority.


Except when physically impossible, collimators must be used in industrial radiographic operations that use radiographic exposure devices that allow the source to be moved out of the device.


A licensee may conduct lay-barge, offshore platform, or underwater radiography only if procedures have been approved by the Authority, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, or by another Agreement State.

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