OAR 333-175-0021


“Approved” means approved by the Oregon Health Authority.


“Assessment” means to determine whether the food worker understood the concepts represented by the learning objectives. The assessment used by the program providers must be provided or approved by the Authority.


“Authority” means the Oregon Health Authority, Foodborne Illness Prevention Program.


“Certificate of Program Completion” confirms that a person has successfully completed the food handler training program.


“Certified Food Manager” means that a manager has successfully completed an Authority-approved food manager program.


“Computer-Based Training” means self-training through the use of a computer program or the Internet.


“Designated Agent” means an individual or organization who/that has been authorized by the Oregon Health Authority or Local Public Health Authority to provide a food handler training program and issue certificates of program completion.


“Food Handler” means those persons involved in the supervision or preparation or service of food in a restaurant or food service facility licensed under ORS 624.020 (License) or 624.320 (License requirement for commissary, warehouse, mobile unit or vending machine). This includes, but is not limited to, managers, cooks, wait staff, dishwashers, bartenders and bus persons.


“Local Public Health Authority” means those counties to which the Oregon Health Authority has entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement under ORS 624.510 (Intergovernmental agreements with local public health authorities).


“Program” means an Authority-approved food handler training program.


“Program Provider” means the Oregon Health Authority, Local Public Health Authority or a Designated Agent.


“Self-Training” means a training process wherein the individual learns without the presence or intervention of a trainer or instructor.


“Trainer” means the person actively delivering food handler training to learners.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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