OAR 333-175-0061
Administration of Food Handler Training Program


Program providers may provide the food handler training program through a trainer-led class and assessment, self-training materials and assessment or other method approved by the Authority.


The Authority must provide or approve all food handler training program materials, including instructional delivery methods, materials and assessment tools based on criteria established by the Authority.


Each food handler training assessment must determine that the food worker met the learning objectives stated in OAR 333-175-0051 (Content of Food Handler Training Programs).


When being assessed, food handlers may refer to the training manual or printed text. Food handlers may also refer to handwritten notes developed onsite during training.


Upon successful completion of the program, the food handler must be allowed to keep the food handler training materials distributed.


Workers with special needs may be allowed the option to take the assessment orally on specific job duties or to receive assistance in reading the assessment.


A restricted certificate of program completion may be issued according to Authority guidelines.


The certificate must identify the specific duties that may be performed by this individual;


Removal of the restrictions can be accomplished by successfully completing the food handler training program. The food handler will then be issued a new certificate of program completion.


Program providers, if requested, must provide food handlers specific feedback on the assessment questions missed.


Program providers will ensure that a knowledgeable person is available to answer questions about the assessment and program content. It is not necessary that the knowledgeable person be present at all times to answer questions.


Program providers will rotate the written assessment versions at least quarterly.


At least triennially or when deemed necessary, the Oregon Health Authority or Local Public Health Authority that approved the Designated Agent will perform an onsite review of the training programs. The review will examine:


Written assessment security, including rotation, physical security, and compliance with availability of reference materials during assessment;


Instructor qualification and availability of qualified assistance for individuals with questions on the training materials.


Annually, program providers will submit information to the Authority on the number of assessments taken for the year and the number of assessments passed by assessment type (e.g., language, written, oral, and online).


Failure to follow rules may result in the removal of the ability of a program provider to provide food worker training:


Upon failure to follow rules, unless immediately correctable, the program provider will develop a remediation plan. The Local Public Health Authority or the Oregon Health Authority that approved the training will follow up within 90 days to ensure that the program provider is in compliance with training requirements. The Local Public Health Authority or the Oregon Health Authority may allow for additional time to achieve compliance with the training requirements;


Continued failure to achieve compliance with the training requirements will result in the termination of the program provider’s training approval.


Program provider shall take reasonable measures to ensure identity of food worker being assessed.

Source: Rule 333-175-0061 — Administration of Food Handler Training Program, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=333-175-0061.

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