OAR 333-200-0030
State Trauma Advisory Board Functions

(1) The STAB is established in accordance with ORS 431A.055 (State Trauma Advisory Board).
(2) The STAB shall:
(a) Advise the Authority with respect to the development of a comprehensive emergency medical services and trauma system including meeting the objectives established in OAR 333-200-0020 (Objectives of the Trauma System);
(b) Advise the Authority on the adoption of rules, policies, and procedures regarding the trauma system;
(c) Analyze data related to prevention of injuries, monitoring of the trauma system and recommend improvements where indicated; and
(d) Suggest improvements to the emergency medical services and trauma system.
(3) In satisfying its duties described in section (2) of this rule, the STAB shall:
(a) Make evidence-based decisions that emphasize the standard of care attainable throughout the state and individual communities; and
(b) Seek the advice and input of coordinated care organizations or other managed care organizations.
(4) The Authority shall seek the advice of the STAB concerning the approval of area trauma system plans and approval of subsequent protocols for major modifications.
(5) A majority of the voting members of the STAB shall constitute a quorum in order to conduct business.
(6) Official action taken by the STAB requires the approval of the majority of the voting members.

Source: Rule 333-200-0030 — State Trauma Advisory Board Functions, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=333-200-0030.

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