OAR 333-200-0255

(1) The Authority may grant waivers from standards that are established in OAR 333-200-0080 (Standards for Area Trauma System Plans), OAR 333-200-0265 (Trauma System Hospital Responsibilities) or Exhibit 4. Such waivers may be limited in time or may be conditioned as the Authority considers necessary to protect the safety and welfare of the public.
(2) If a hospital seeks a waiver to the Authority’s rules, it must submit a request in writing that includes, at a minimum, the following information:
(a) The specific rule for which a waiver is requested;
(b) The special circumstances relied upon to justify the waiver;
(c) Any alternatives that were considered and the reasons those alternatives were not selected;
(d) How the proposed waiver will maintain or improve patient health and safety without jeopardizing patient health and safety; and
(e) The proposed duration of the waiver.
(3) After reviewing the written request, the Authority shall issue its decision in writing.
(4) Applicants may not implement any waiver request until approved in writing by the Authority.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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