OAR 333-200-0265
Trauma System Hospital Responsibilities

A trauma system hospital shall:
(1) Be responsible for all expenses incurred by the hospital in planning, developing and participating in the trauma system, including attorney fees and costs;
(2) Be responsible for all expenses incurred when a re-survey of the hospital is conducted by the Authority or its designee(s);
(3) Comply with all requirements in these rules, all current state and area trauma system standards, and all policies, protocols and procedures as set forth in the approved area trauma system plan;
(4) Comply with any reasonable survey process that the Authority may utilize including but not limited to submission of information such as attestations, electronic medical records, and other documents determined necessary by the Authority to evaluate the hospital’s trauma program;
(5) Meet or exceed the standards for hospital resources as set forth in Exhibit 4 and hospital activation and transfer criteria as set forth in Exhibits 3 and 5;
(6) Provide the resources, personnel, equipment and response required by these rules;
(7) Provide care to trauma system patients which is consistent with the standards advocated by the Advanced Trauma Life Support Course, American College of Surgeons, Committee on Trauma;
(8) Report to the Oregon Trauma Registry all required data as set forth in the Oregon Trauma Registry Abstract Manual for each and every trauma patient as defined in these rules:
(a) Data must be reported within 60 days of death or discharge of that patient; and
(b) Data shall be submitted in electronic media using a format prescribed by the Authority.
(c) The Authority may, at its sole discretion, permit data submission by alternative means where use of the Authority’s prescribed format would impose a severe hardship on the reporting institution.
(9) Participate in evaluation and research studies as prescribed by the Authority;
(10) Record patient resuscitation data using the official state trauma resuscitation flow sheet. If using a form other than the official form, that form must contain at least the same information; and
(11) Identify and submit to the Authority the name of the individual that will serve as the Trauma Registrar, Trauma Coordinator or Trauma Program Manager, and Trauma Medical Director. Any changes to persons serving in these roles must be reported to the Authority within 60 days.
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