Oregon Department of Human Services

Rule Rule 407-047-0210
Investigations in Schools: Screening Activities

(1) This rule describes the screening activities that an OTIS investigator must complete within three business days when a report is determined to be the responsibility of OTIS as provided in OAR chapter 413, division 015.
(2) Gather information. An OTIS investigator must:
(a) Ensure all of the following information has been gathered and documented:
(A) The type of alleged abuse and the circumstances surrounding the report.
(B) How the alleged abuse or the surrounding circumstances are reported to affect the safety of the alleged victim.
(b) Gather information from individuals who can provide information necessary to determine the appropriate Department response.
(c) Research Department history of each respondent for information about past or current Department involvement relevant to the current report of abuse.
(d) Inquire regarding possible Indian or Alaskan Native heritage of the child and follow OAR chapter 413, division 115 if applicable.
(e) Request relevant law enforcement records.
(f) Request relevant records from the education provider pertaining to the student reported as the alleged victim of abuse.
(g) For the purposes of cross-reporting, determine the law enforcement agency jurisdiction based on where the abuse is alleged to have occurred.
(h) Determine if the report is related to the death of a child and comply with the ODHS Child Welfare “Fatality Protocol” if applicable.
(3) When screening activities in section (2) of this rule are complete, the OTIS investigator must:
(a) Determine the OTIS response as provided in OAR 407-047-0220 (Investigations in Schools: Determining Response); and
(b) Make screening notifications as provided in OAR 407-047-0240 (Investigations in Schools: Notifications at the Conclusion of Screening).

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