Oregon Department of Human Services

Rule Rule 407-047-0670
Investigations of Third-Party: Exception to Completing an Investigation

(1) The OTIS Supervisor may determine that an assigned report does not require an investigation or abuse determination under the following exceptions:
(a) The report was assigned for investigation in error; or
(b) The OTIS investigator received information after the report was assigned for investigation and that information, in combination with the corresponding screening report, no longer constitutes a report of abuse as defined in 419B.005 (Definitions). This exception may be used only when the OTIS investigator and an OTIS supervisor or designee determine the information:
(A) Relates directly to and specifically negates all allegations in the screening report; and
(B) Is considered on the basis of the objectivity of the individual providing the information and the quality of the information.
(2) An investigation must be completed when the OTIS investigator has already interviewed the alleged victim, unless the alleged victim is the reporter.
(3) The OTIS investigator must document the exception and:
(a) Explain the basis for the determination that an OTIS investigation is no longer required; and
(b) Document the name of the OTIS supervisor who was consulted and approved an exception under this rule.

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Jun. 8, 2021