Oregon Department of Human Services

Rule Rule 407-047-0280
Investigations in Schools: Abuse Investigation Report

(1) Time Line to Complete the Abuse Investigation Report.
(a) Unless an extension is granted as provided in subsection (c) of this section, an OTIS investigator must complete an abuse investigation report and electronically submit the abuse investigation report for supervisor approval within 60 calendar days from the date the report was assigned for investigation.
(b) An OTIS supervisor must review and approve the completed abuse investigation report within five business days of the electronic submission by the OTIS investigator.
(c) An extension to the time line may be granted when:
(A) An OTIS supervisor may approve a one-time 30 calendar day extension when good cause is shown, such as when critical information necessary to make an abuse determination is outstanding.
(B) The director of OTIS or designee may approve additional extensions only for reasons beyond the control of OTIS, such as to allow a law enforcement investigation to proceed.
(C) When an extension is granted under this subsection, the OTIS investigator must ensure notification of the approved extension and the new due date for the report’s completion is provided to TSPC, DOE, and the licensed administrator for the education provider associated with the report. Notification to the respondent must be made if the notification would not compromise safety or a criminal investigation.
(2) The OTIS investigator must prepare a written report that includes all of the following:
(a) A description of the allegation of abuse being investigated, including the date, location, and time, if known.
(b) An outline of steps taken, and information gathered in the investigation including, but not limited to, a list of all witnesses interviewed, and summary of information obtained from interviews and list of sources of information reviewed, such as records, documents, reports, etc. and summary of information obtained from those information sources.
(c) A specific determination of whether the abuse allegation is founded, unfounded or unable to determine, as provided in OAR 407-047-0270 (Investigations in Schools: Abuse Determination) and the basis for that determination.
(d) A list of all individuals and entities notified under OAR 407-047-0290 (Investigations in Schools: Notifications at the Conclusion of an Investigation) (Notifications at the Conclusion of the Investigation).
(e) The name and title of the individual completing the abuse investigation report.
(f) Documentation that an OTIS supervisor has reviewed and approved the abuse investigation report.
(3) Failure of OTIS to include all elements of section (2) does not invalidate the written report or abuse determination.

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