Oregon Department of Human Services, Self-Sufficiency Programs

Rule Rule 461-155-0500
Special Needs; Overview


Ongoing special needs are needs that last several months at a consistent cost. Examples are special diets and accommodation allowances. OAR 461-155-0010 (Use of Payment Standards to Establish Need) is used to determine how special needs are considered for each program.


To be eligible for a special need item, a client may not have any other available resources in the community or natural support system to meet the need, excluding resources used in determining eligibility.


To be eligible for a special need item, a client may not be eligible for the item through Medicare, Medicaid, or any other medical coverage.


A client may be eligible for an ongoing special need item if providing the ongoing special need item is authorized in lieu of additional provider service hours pursuant to OAR 411-030-0002 (Purpose and Scope) to 411-030-0090 and is more cost-effective.


The Department may authorize payment for one-time and ongoing special needs for the following, in accordance with OAR 461-155-0510 (Special Need in Combined OSIP/REF/TANF Cases) to 461-155-0710 (Special Need; Diversion Services; OSIP and OSIPM):


One-time needs for the following:


Community based facility room and board (see OAR 461-155-0630 (Special Need; Community Based Care; OSIPM)).


Community transition services (see OAR 461-155-0526 (Special Need; Community Transition Services; OSIP and OSIPM)).


Diversion and transition services (see OAR 461-155-0710 (Special Need; Diversion Services; OSIP and OSIPM)).


Home repairs (see OAR 461-155-0600 (Special Need; Home Repairs; OSIP and OSIPM)).


Moving costs (see OAR 461-155-0610 (Special Need; Moving Costs; OSIP and OSIPM)).


Property taxes (see OAR 461-155-0620 (Special Need; Property Taxes)).


Ongoing needs for the following:


Accommodation allowances (see OAR 461-155-0660 (Special Need; Accommodation Allowance)).


Food for guide dogs and special assistance animals (see OAR 461-155-0530 (Special Need; Food for Guide Dogs and Special Assistance Animals)).


In-home supplement (see OAR 461-155-0575 (Special Need; In-home Supplement; OSIPM)).


Laundry allowances (see OAR 461-155-0580 (Special Need; Laundry Allowances)).


Personal incidentals and room and board allowance (see OAR 461-155-0700 (Special Need; Personal Incidentals and Room and Board Allowances; OSIPM)).


Special diet allowances (see OAR 461-155-0670 (Special Need; Special Diet Allowance)).


Supplemental Communication Allowance (see OAR 461-155-0680 (Special Need — Supplemental Communication Allowance; OSIPM)).


Prescription drug co-pay coverage (see OAR 461-155-0688 (Prescription Drug Co-pay Coverage)).

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