Oregon Water Resources Department

Rule Rule 690-086-0225
Agricultural Water Supplier Plan Elements

A water management and conservation plan submitted by an agricultural water supplier shall include:


An agricultural water supplier description as described under OAR 690-086-0240 (Agricultural Water System Description);


An agricultural water conservation element as described under OAR 690-086-0250 (Agricultural Water Conservation Element);


An agricultural water allocation/curtailment element as described under OAR 690-086-0260 (Agricultural Water Allocation/Curtailment Element);


An agricultural water supply element as required under OAR 690-086-0270 (Agricultural Water Supply Element);


A list of the affected local governments to whom the draft plan was made available pursuant to OAR 690-086-0220 (Agricultural Water Supplier Water Management and Conservation Plans: General Provisions)(6) and a copy of any comments on the plan provided by the local governments;


A proposed date for submittal of an updated plan based on the proposed schedule for implementation of conservation measures, any relevant schedules for other community planning activities, and the rate of growth of or other changes expected by the water supplier; or an explanation of why submittal of an updated plan is unnecessary and should not be required by the Department.

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