Oregon Water Resources Department

Rule Rule 690-086-0905
Notice of Submittal of a Draft Plan or Updated Plan

(1) The Department shall notify Affected Local Governments, affected Indian tribes, and all persons on the Department’s weekly Public Notice mailing list that a draft water management and conservation plan prepared under the requirements of OAR 690-086-0125 (Municipal WMCP Elements), 690-086-0225 (Agricultural Water Supplier Plan Elements), or 690-086-0325 (Alternate Municipal WMCP: Water Supplier Plan Elements for Small Municipal Water Suppliers) has been submitted to the Department and is available for review.
(2) Any person may review and submit written comments on the draft plan within 30 days of the notification in section (1) of this rule. Written comments submitted under this subsection must cite specific provisions of concern in the draft plan, describe how each of the provisions cited do or do not satisfy the requirements of OAR Chapter 690, Division 086, suggest any modification in each provision that would be necessary to satisfy the relevant requirement, and include information to support any suggested modifications.

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