Oregon Water Resources Department

Rule Rule 690-086-0920

If the Director determines that a water supplier has failed to submit a water management and conservation plan as required under OAR 690-086-0010 (Purpose) to 690-086-0370 (Alternate Municipal WMCP: Water Supply Element for Small Municipal Water Suppliers) or has failed to satisfactorily implement an approved water management and conservation plan, the Director may proceed with one or more of the following actions:
(1) Initiate an evaluation of the supplier’s water management practices and facilities to determine if the use of water is wasteful;
(2) Initiate regulation of water use under OAR 690-250-0050 (Controlling Waste and Unlawful Use of Water) to eliminate waste;
(3) Rescind a previous approval of a water management and conservation plan; and
(4) If the submittal of the water management and conservation plan is required under a condition of a permit or an extension approved under OAR Chapter 690, Division 315 or 320, assess a civil penalty under OAR 690-260-0005 (Purpose of Rules) to 690-260-0110 (Notice of Violation to Water Providing Organizations) or cancel the permit.

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Jun. 8, 2021