Oregon Water Resources Department

Rule Rule 690-086-0330
Criteria for Approval of an Alternate Municipal WMCP Submitted by Small Municipal Water Suppliers

In order to approve an Alternate Municipal WMCP under OAR 690-086-0915 (Final Review of Plans), the Department must find that:
(1) The plan includes each of the required elements under OAR 690-086-0325 (Alternate Municipal WMCP: Water Supplier Plan Elements for Small Municipal Water Suppliers);
(2) For each of the water conservation measures required under OAR 690-086-0350 (Alternate Municipal WMCP: Water Supplier Conservation Element for Small Municipal Water Suppliers)(4), the plan includes a reasonable and appropriate schedule with five year Benchmarks for implementation of conservation activities;
(3) The Water Curtailment Element required under OAR 690-086-0360 (Alternate Municipal WMCP: Water Supplier Curtailment Element for Small Municipal Water Suppliers) satisfactorily promotes water curtailment practices and the coordination of usage regulation, taking into account state water law and local conditions, or is substantially the same as a curtailment plan prepared pursuant to ORS 536.780 (Water conservation or curtailment plan) and OAR 690-019-0090 (Requirement for Conservation and Curtailment Plans) and approved by the Department within the previous five years; and
(4) If mitigation is legally required to address limitations or restrictions on the development of permits for which resource issues are identified under OAR 690-086-0340 (Alternate Municipal WMCP: Water Supplier Description for Small Municipal Water Suppliers)(5)(i), the plan contains documentation that the supplier is complying with the mitigation requirements. The Department may consult with federal and state agencies in making this determination.

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