Oregon Water Resources Department

Rule Rule 690-086-0240
Agricultural Water System Description

The description of the water system shall include at least the following information:


General location of water right acreage, numbers of the associated water right certificates and permits and a description of relevant conditions of the water rights including the seasons of use and the uses of any other permitted withdrawals by the supplier;


Source(s) of water; storage and regulation facilities; and a summary of any transfer, rotation, exchange or intergovernmental cooperation agreements;


A schematic of the system showing storage and distribution facilities, drainage systems, measurement stations, generalized district boundaries, points of diversion and locations of major operational spills;


Current water use, including peak and average annual diversions and, when available, water reuse and return flows;


A summary of major classifications of user accounts showing water right acreages, the number of accounts of each classification, and the beneficial uses for which water is provided (irrigation, frost protection, temperature control, agricultural use, livestock, domestic, etc.);


Types of on-farm irrigation systems common within the supplier’s accounts;


A general characterization of crops commonly grown and the estimated average and peak consumptive use of the crops; and


A description of the operation and maintenance program.

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Jun. 8, 2021