Oregon Water Resources Department

Rule Rule 690-086-0250
Agricultural Water Conservation Element

The water conservation element shall include at least the following:


A progress report on the conservation measures scheduled for implementation in the water management and conservation plan previously approved by the Department, if any;


A description of the water supplier’s agricultural water measurement program and a statement that the program complies with the measurement and reporting standards in OAR 690, division 85, that a time extension or waiver has been granted, or that the standards are not applicable;


A description of other conservation measures currently implemented by the water supplier;


Short- and long-term goals of the water supplier to improve water management;


An evaluation of the opportunities for improving water use efficiency which includes:


A description of losses of water from canals, pipelines, and laterals, including any operational spills;


An assessment of the extent to which water deliveries are insufficient to meet crop needs;


A list of alternative conservation measures to reduce the losses of water identified in subsection (a) of this section and address any insufficiencies of water deliveries identified in subsection (b) of this section; and


An assessment of existing and future alternatives to finance conservation measures including an analysis of the possibility of applying for the allocation of conserved water (ORS 537.455 (Definitions for ORS 537.455 to 537.500 and 540.510) to 537.500 (Legal status of conserved water right) and OAR 690-018-0010 (Purpose and Applicability) to 690-018-0090 (Change in Use of Conserved Water)).


For each of the following conservation measures not currently being implemented, an evaluation of whether implementation of the measure is feasible and appropriate for ensuring the efficient use of water and the prevention of waste:


Promotion of energy audits offered through local electric utilities for district water users;


Conversion to metered, pressurized deliveries to all parcels of one acre or less;


Piping or lining earthen canals;


Modifying distribution facilities and district policies to increase the flexibility of water deliveries;


Provision of on-farm irrigation scheduling assistance;


Construction of re-regulating reservoirs;


Adoption of rate structures that support and encourage water conservation;


Each of the conservation measures listed in OAR 690-086-0250 (Agricultural Water Conservation Element)(5)(c); and


Any other conservation measures identified by the water supplier that would improve water use efficiency.


A description and estimated schedule for implementation of each of the following conservation measures:


An information and education program aimed at improving the efficiency of the use of water delivered. The program should address all types of uses served and include voluntary water use audits; and


Any other conservation measures identified as feasible and appropriate under section (6) of this rule.


A program to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the conservation measures which are implemented.

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