Oregon Department of Transportation, Highway Division

Rule Rule 734-020-0043
High Occupancy Vehicle Lane on Interstate 5


One northbound lane of Interstate 5 from milepoint 303.98 to milepoint 307.49 is reserved for exclusive use by high occupancy-use passenger vehicles as designated.


For purposes of this rule, the following definitions apply:


“Designated” means signed as specified in section (4) of this rule;


“High occupancy-use passenger vehicle” means passenger vehicles of 8,000 pounds or less carrying the driver and one or more additional passengers, and motorcycles or buses regardless of occupancy level;


“High occupancy vehicle lane” or “HOV lane” means a lane reserved only for high occupancy-use passenger vehicles; and


“Reserved for exclusive use” means only high occupancy-use passenger vehicles may use the lane when so indicated by signs or pavement markings specified in section (4) of this rule.


Emergency vehicles may use the HOV lane when engaged in emergency action.


The HOV lane shall be designated by signs or pavement markings as defined in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices or other approved signs and markings not in conflict with Oregon or Federal Highway Administration regulations. Signs may specify the times or days when the lane is designated as a HOV lane.

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Jun. 8, 2021