Oregon Department of Transportation, Highway Division

Rule Rule 734-020-0210
Yield Sign Specifications for Transit Buses

The specifications for yield signs on transit buses as required by ORS 811.167 (Failure to yield right of way to transit bus) are as follows:


The sign housing shall be of adequate size to accommodate the yield symbol.


A flashing light shall internally illuminate the yield sign when the bus is signaling an intention to enter a traffic lane after stopping to receive or discharge passengers.


When flashing the legend shall resemble a yield sign with a downward pointing, equilateral triangle having a red border band and the word “YIELD” in red inside the border band.


The message shall flash at a rate between 30 and 80 flashes per minute.


The sign shall be designed to minimize the visibility of the message when not lighted.


The background shall be flat black.


The lettering shall be all capitols and a minimum of 1-1116 inches tall.


The equilateral triangle shall be a minimum of 6-34 inches tall.


The sign shall have a minimum candlepower of 30 candela and provide uniform lighting throughout the lighted area.


The size, shape and color shall be as provided in this rule and as shown in Exhibit 1.
[ED. NOTE: Exhibits referenced are available from the agency.]

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