Oregon Department of Transportation, Highway Division

Rule Rule 734-020-0045
Prohibition of Bicycles and Pedestrians on Freeways


Bicycles and pedestrians as defined in ORS 801.150 (“Bicycle”) and 801.385 (“Pedestrian”), are prohibited upon the following segments of freeways within the State of Oregon:


Portland area:


The Columbia River Highway No. 2 (Banfield/I-84) from its intersection with I-5, M.P. 0.00, to 238th Drive, M.P. 15.96;


The Sunset Highway No. 47 easterly of the Jefferson Street Interchange, M.P. 73.35;


Interstate 5 (Hwy. No. 1) northerly of the Beaverton-Tigard Highway Interchange, M.P. 292.20;


Interstate 205 (Hwy. No. 64) northerly of the Overcrossing of the Oswego Highway No. 3, M.P. 8.82;


Interstate 405 (Hwy. No. 61) in its entirety; and


Lower Columbia Highway No. 2W from its intersection with I-405, M.P. 0.00, to 23rd Street, M.P. 1.99.


Medford area: Interstate 5 (Pacific Highway No. 1) from the South Medford Interchange, M.P. 27.16, to the North Medford Interchange, M.P. 30.29 (in Medford).


The closure of the above sections to bicycles and pedestrians shall become effective following the erection of adequate signing.


The prohibition of pedestrians from the above segments of freeways does not prohibit the driver and passengers of a disabled vehicle from walking to the nearest freeway exit in accordance with ORS 814.100 (Rights of driver and passengers of disabled vehicle on freeway).

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