Oregon Department of Transportation, Highway Division

Rule Rule 734-020-0420
Definitions for Traffic Signal Approval Process

For the purposes of OAR 734-020-0400 (Traffic Signal Approval Process) through 734-020-0500 (Removal of Traffic Signals), the following definitions apply:


“Approach” means all lanes of traffic moving toward an intersection or a mid-block location from one direction.


“MUTCD” means the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices as adopted by OAR 734-020-0005 (Traffic Control Devices).


“Private approach “ means a private roadway or connection that is legally constructed and recognized by the Department in accordance with OAR 734-051.


“Public road” means a public roadway, or similar facility under the jurisdiction of a public entity and open to public travel.


“Roadway improvement project” means a major construction, reconstruction or realignment of a section of state highway.


“State Highway System” means the group of roads and highways, so designated by law or by the Oregon Transportation Commission pursuant to ORS 366.220 (Creation of state highway system).


“Traffic signal” means any highway traffic signal by which traffic is alternately directed to stop and permitted to proceed.


“Engineering study” is a documented comprehensive analysis and evaluation of available pertinent information, and the application of appropriate principles, standards, guidance, and practices as contained in the MUTCD and other sources, for the purposes of deciding upon the applicability, design, operation, or installation of a traffic control device.

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