Oregon Department of Transportation, Highway Division

Rule Rule 734-020-0430
Traffic Signal Approval


No traffic signal shall be designed for, or constructed on, the State Highway System, regardless of the funding source, without the prior approval of the State Traffic/Roadway Engineer (STRE).


Regardless of any ODOT approved documents, such as land use documents, transportation system plans, corridor plans or other agreements a traffic signal shall not be designed or constructed unless first approved by the STRE.


An engineering study is required for approval. The study shall indicate the need for the traffic signal and demonstrate that the installation of a traffic signal would improve the overall safety and operation of the intersection.


Intersections shall meet MUTCD traffic signal warrants, unless the STRE finds special conditions documented in the engineering study where no existing warrant is applicable.


Traffic signal warrants should be met within three years after construction when a traffic signal is constructed as part of a roadway improvement project.


Traffic signal warrants should be met on day of opening to accommodate additional traffic from a public or private development. The traffic signal shall not be turned-on more than one month in advance of day of opening.


If traffic signal is not advanced to construction within five years the STRE traffic signal approval is automatically rescinded.


For private approaches, assess the ability of the existing, planned, and proposed public roads to accommodate the traffic at another location.


The STRE traffic signal approval does not assure the eventual design, installation, or operation of a traffic signal.

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Jun. 8, 2021