Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-001-0070
Confidential Information


This rule applies to information submitted under a claim of confidentiality under the Public Records Law, but does not apply to information designated as confidential under a protective order in a contested case proceeding.


At the time of submission, a person may designate a document or portion of a document as containing confidential information. A designation must be made in good faith and be limited to information that qualifies for protection. The person asserting confidentiality must state the legal basis for the claim of confidentiality.


Unless otherwise provided by Commission order, confidential information submitted under this rule must be clearly labeled on each electronic page as confidential and identified as confidential in the document name, or printed on yellow paper, separately bound, and placed in a sealed container or provided on a portable data storage device clearly labeled with the word CONFIDENTIAL and placed in a sealed container. Spreadsheets containing confidential information must be labeled with “confidential” in the header or footer. To the extent practicable, the provider must place only the portions of the document that contain confidential information in the container. The confidential information on each page must be clearly marked by inserting [Confidential] before and after the portion of information that is confidential. The container must be marked “CONFIDENTIAL.” Multiple sealed containers may be mailed in one package.


Confidential information submitted to the Commission is exempt from public disclosure to the extent provided under the Public Records Law, ORS 192.410 through 192.505.


Any failure to comply with the requirements in this rule may result in the submission not being treated as including confidential information or being returned to the provider for correction and resubmission.

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Jun. 8, 2021