Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-001-0540
Data Requests


A party may submit data requests to any other party, subject to the discovery rules in the ORCP. Data requests are written interrogatories or requests for production of documents. Data requests must be answered within 14 days from the date of service. Each data request must be answered fully and separately in writing or by production of documents, or objected to in writing.


A party submitting a data request must serve the request on all parties to the proceedings. For nonconfidential requests, service may be made by electronic mail or by electronic mail notification of upload to a designated shared workspace for data requests and responses. If the request contains confidential information, then the submitting party must serve a complete copy on all parties eligible to receive confidential information under the terms of a protective order and a redacted copy to all other parties. The complete confidential copy must be served using means identified in the protective order. Nonconfidential data requests and responses submitted to the Staff of the Commission must be sent to [email protected] If a designated shared workspace is being used for data requests and responses, the notification of uploaded data requests and responses must be sent to [email protected]


The party answering the data request must provide a response or an electronic mail notification of upload to a designated shared workspace to the submitting party and all other parties that filed a written request for a copy of the response. A party must agree to be bound by the applicable protective order to be eligible to receive a response containing confidential information.


A party may offer into evidence data requests and the answers to the data requests. Any objection to substance or form of a data request or answer must be attached to the submitted data request or answer with specific reference and grounds. Every remedy available to a party using deposition procedures is available to a party using data requests.


Except when requested by the Commission or ALJ, or when seeking resolution of a discovery dispute under these rules, data requests are not filed with the Filing Center or provided to the ALJ.

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