Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-001-0180
Service in Contested Case and Declaratory Ruling Proceedings


The Commission maintains an official service list for each contested case and declaratory ruling proceeding. The service list is posted on the Commission’s website or may be obtained by contacting the Filing Center.


Each party must identify at least one party representative to receive service, and may identify no more than three party representatives to receive service.


Parties may designate party representatives in an initiating pleading, petition to intervene, or separate document. Parties must notify the Filing Center in writing of any change in contact information.


Except as otherwise provided by statute or rule, a party completes service of any document by filing it electronically with the Filing Center.


A party need only serve physical copies of a document in person, by first-class mail, or by any other reasonable means of delivery if:


The document contains information that has been designated as confidential under a general protective order, and the protective order requires service of physical copies;


The filing is more than 100 pages, unless the party has requested not to receive physical service of voluminous filings;


A party has requested and received permission from the ALJ to receive physical service of all documents; or


Physical service is required by rule or statute.


Service of physical copies of a document is considered timely if the copy is received within two business days of the date the document was filed with the Filing Center.


If service of physical copies is required in a contested case or declaratory ruling proceeding, then the filer must include a certificate of service with its filing to the Filing Center. The certificate must include the means of physical service, date of physical service, a list of the party representatives and addresses served, and a certifying signature.

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