Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-001-0590


The ALJ may schedule conferences to facilitate the resolution of contested case and declaratory ruling proceedings.


The purposes of a conference may include:


Establishing a procedural schedule, including dates for discovery, testimony, and exhibits;


Identifying, simplifying, and clarifying issues;


Eliminating irrelevant or immaterial issues;


Facilitating discovery and resolving disagreements about discovery;


Obtaining stipulations, authenticating documents, admitting documents into evidence, adopting witness and cross-examination schedules, and deciding the order of presentation and other procedural matters;


Considering other matters that may expedite the orderly conduct and disposition of the proceedings; and


Discussing settlement or other resolution or partial resolution of the proceedings.


The record must reflect the results of the conference, and the decisions made at the conference are binding on all parties.

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Jun. 8, 2021