Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-001-0090
Delegation of Authority to Administrative Law Judge


The Commission delegates to the ALJ authority to:


Regulate the course of rulemaking, contested case, and declaratory ruling proceedings, including scheduling, recessing, reconvening, and adjourning hearings;


Administer oaths;


Issue subpoenas;


Make evidentiary rulings;


Supervise and control discovery;


Hold appropriate conferences before, during, or after hearings;


Decide procedural matters, but not to grant contested motions to dismiss or other contested motions that involve final determination of the proceedings;


Change filing deadlines;


Grant waivers of rules;


Certify a question to the Commission for consideration and disposition;


Determine the order in which evidence will be presented;


Issue a protective order to limit disclosure of confidential information; and


Take any other action consistent with the duties of an ALJ.


The ALJ must conduct proceedings in a fair and impartial manner and maintain order. If a person engages in conduct that interferes with this duty, then the ALJ may suspend the proceeding or exclude the person from the proceeding.

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