Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-001-0220
Conduct of Rulemaking Hearing


All persons wanting to comment during a rulemaking hearing must provide their name, address, and affiliation. The ALJ may also require that additional information be provided. Additional persons may be heard at the discretion of the ALJ.


The ALJ may question any person commenting at the hearing. The ALJ may also permit other persons to question the person commenting.


A person may present comments once during the hearing unless otherwise requested or permitted by the ALJ.


The hearing may be continued with recesses as determined by the ALJ until all persons have had an opportunity to offer comments.


The ALJ must, when practicable, receive all physical and documentary information presented by persons offering comments.


The ALJ may set reasonable time limits for oral presentation and may exclude or limit cumulative, repetitious, or immaterial comments.


The ALJ must make a record of the proceeding by audio or video tape recording, stenographic reporting, or minutes.

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